About Us

Kalahari Truffles works closely with women-led communities in Botswana, where our truffles are sustainably and wild-harvested during a short growing season.  Hand dried under the African sun, the truffles are then transformed at our distillery into one-of-a-kind spirits using only indigenous and locally sourced ingredients.  By supporting our business, you are not only cultivating the appreciation of this desert gem but supporting indigenous communities.

Birth of Our Products

Secreted away in the deserts of Southern Africa, the elusive Kalahari truffle grows. Scarce and wild, this exotic delicacy is difficult to find but extremely alluring. Known as n’xaba in San and mahupu in Tswana, the Kalahari truffle is related to, but different from the European truffe, with a flavour and story uniquely its own. Our mission - to share this exquisite, African delight with connoisseurs across the world.